Everything you need to know about the technology


Companies are using Leadia to recommend personalized products to their customers. They take security very seriously and so do we. That’s why we designed and built Leadia as an overlay layer rather than an integral part of a website. Plus, we don’t store user data after a conversation concludes.


Leadia runs on Amazon’s servers and uses their email delivery infrastructure to ensure high availability and reliability. So far, we’ve effortlessly deployed Leadia in eight countries across Europe, and to great acclaim.

Easily deployable

Integrating Leadia into your website is as easy as pasting a single line of code into your website’s source. It’s a script that fetches Leadia from our servers which means you’ll always have the latest version.


In addition to being able to completely customize the logic of the conversation, you can also change the look and feel of the widget itself. Provide your own stylesheet or send us your brand style guide and we’ll do the design work for you. We offer Leadia as a white-label solution.